Dutch Devil Masks

Part of the FUSE IT project.
Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Inspired by the Sri Lankan Sanni Yakuma mask that are used in healing rituals, I created six masks based on the ‘demons’ of Dutch society. The masks either show the problem or provide a solution, but always turn them into something positive.
1  Trying to stay normal and grey can cost a lot of effort.
(material: rest fabric and golden yarn)
2 The Dutch can use a bit more glitter now and then.
(material: saree sequins glitters)
3  This mask will help you being exuberant.
(material: isolation plastic)
4  There isn’t a lot of place for fragility and uncertainty in Dutch society. The securities we surround ourself with, limit us.
(material: Galle lace)
5  Sometimes we can say things very bold and direct. This mask provides a filter in front of the mouth, to make words look more positive.
(material: plastic bags)
6  This masks consists of two eyes and a big smile, making it impossible to not smile back.
(material: rest fabric)


1. Grey1

2. Glitter2

3. Exuberant3

4. Lace4

5. Filter5

6. Smile6

(model: Judith)

The materials for these masks are found at Pettah Market, the biggest whole sale market of Sri Lanka,  and the Pamanuwa market that sells rest products of the garment industry.
The lace you see on the forth image, is a typical kind of lace made in Galle. While working at the AOD I took part in a lace making workshop.